MareDireFare – The Ocean Festival: waiting for the IBBY international Congress

22 April 2024

MareDireFare – Festival dell’Oceano was held in Trieste, from 11 to 22 April. The Festival was the brainchild of the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics – OGS and WWF Area Marina Protetta di Miramare to celebrate the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) proclaimed by the United Nations, and was organised thanks to the collaboration of IBBY Italia in preparation for the IBBY World Congress to be held in Trieste at the end of August.

The protagonist of the Festival, now in its fourth edition, is the ocean: a source of life and benefits essential to us all, yet still largely to be discovered, explored, and told. And precisely in order to recount some of its most mysterious aspects, starting from its abysses and depths, amid scientific explorations, mysterious creatures and fascinating geological phenomena, the Art&Science exhibition ‘Chronicles from the Deep’ was conceived for the 2024 edition.

Displayed in the central Sala Veruda in Trieste for the entire duration of the Festival and visited by more than 1,400 people, the exhibition is a journey of knowledge and discovery of some of the most fascinating and lesser-known aspects of the Big Blue, the deep sea, from the Mariana abyss to the seabed of the Gulf, from the oceanic ridges to the deep waters of the Antarctic and the Mediterranean. An itinerary in which 20 panels created by 5 artists (Stefania Delponte, Paola Formica, Chiara Giorgiutti, Maria Luisa Petrarca, Paolo Primon) dialogue with the words of science and the photographs and videos taken during the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s oceanic expeditions to some of the most remote seabeds of our planet.

The exhibition, the result of a national competition launched at the end of 2023, will be remounted at the Museo del Mare in Trieste on the occasion of the IBBY international congress.

Among the events organised during the Festival, a training afternoon on sea education was held on Thursday 18 April, dedicated to teachers, educators and librarians, with the participation of 40 people, during which an in-depth discussion on the role of literature and fiction for children and young people in community building was also proposed as an event to prepare for the Congress.

The complete programme is available at www.maredirefare.it