The 39th IBBY International Congress also presented at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

8 April 2024

The IBBY World Congress found ample space again this year at the Bologna Fair, where the International Board on Books for Young People is at home and officially present with its own stand. During the IBBY International Press Conference held on Monday 8 April, in addition to presenting the work of the association and announcing the winners of the Hans Christian Andersen 2024 Award and the IBBY Reading Promotion Awards, the Italian section organiser of the IBBY World Congress 2024 was entrusted with the presentation of this 39th edition of the event, which is hosted every two years in one of IBBY’s member countries.

Elisabetta Lippolis, vice-president of IBBY Italy and coordinator of the Organising Committee, invited all those present to the Trieste event, reminding them that it will be an invaluable opportunity for those who work in the field of children’s literature, the promotion of reading and education and to promote IBBY’s mission in a unique setting in terms of both landscape and history. The event, which is wholeheartedly supported by the institutions (Municipality of Trieste, Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and CEPELL-Centre for Books and Reading of the Ministry of Culture), will be an opportunity to discuss literature as an engine for change, starting again from the revolution in which the founder Jella Lepman believed at the end of World War II: the choice and the courage to give every boy and girl good books. As IBBY continues to do all over the world, especially in situations where this is most needed, including through the Children in Crisis Fund programme supporting children whose lives have been disrupted by war, civil unrest or natural disasters. Like in Gaza, where two libraries supported by the association were destroyed.

For the Trieste Congress, the Scientific Committee received 361 proposals to present projects and good practices from 59 countries, most of them positively evaluated: this guarantees that it will be a fruitful congress, where young people will be protagonists and will have a voice. All that remains is to register!