10 April 2024

StradeLab, the Italian association of literary translators, first joined IBBY Italia in 2019, embarking on a path of collaboration and shared objectives that has proven fruitful and will culminate in the congress in Trieste. According to Eva Valvo of Strade’s national board and the congress’s scientific committee, “that IBBY, an association which aims to build ‘bridges through books’, and Strade, which brings together translators who on a daily basis practice their vocation as ‘human bridges’ between languages and cultures, should come together was a natural occurrence.”

Also at IBBY’s international congress, Strade’s reflection on translation will come together with IBBY’s reflection on the promotion of quality literature for the youngest people. The program includes meetings on the translation of poetry and the use of inclusive language, in addition to various examples of good practices to spread an awareness of literary translation, and an international round table in collaboration with the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations (CEATL) on the importance of translation as an opportunity for mutual dialogue and on the role of translators as ambassadors of good books. Since translation is never neutral, knowledge of it and acknowledgment of it are a fundamental step in a more informed manner of reading.

In the run-up to the congress, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, one of IBBY Italia’s founding members, offered an initial occasion for reflection and dialogue on this aspect through the round table “No language left behind, no book left behind: For a biodiversity in children’s literature”, held at the Translators Café by CEATL in collaboration with the BCBF and followed with great interest and participation by a large audience, testifying to the need to continue to promote debate on the irreplaceable role translators play in raising informed, involved citizens.