18 October 2022

Trieste is ready to welcome IBBY delegates from all over the world. Mayor Roberto Dipiazza met IBBY President Flavia Cristiano, Vice-president Franco Fornaroli, Secretary Matteo Sabato and the two members of IBBY Italy Executive Board from Trieste – Elisabetta Lippolis, co-ordinator of IBBY 2024 Congress Organising Committee and Gaia Stock, AIE Italian Publishers Association’s representative – to confirm the full support of his administration and the whole city of Trieste, together with Francesca Locci, Director of Promotion, Museums and Cultural Projects, and Manuela Salvadei, Director of Education and Libraries for Trieste Municipality Qualified again in 2022-2023 as “Città che legge (City that reads”) by Cepell (the Italian Center for Books and Reading of the Ministry of Culture), in agreement with ANCI – National Association of Italian Municipalities, Trieste well deserves its inclusion it in the list of Administrations committed to public policies on reading promotion on their territory and to guaranteeing access to books and reading, festivals, exhibitions, joint initiatives between libraries, schools, bookstores and associations.