19 November 2023

What can be the role of information in the promotion of children’s literature? What is the contribution of journalists to ensure that all children have access to good books and reading as a basis for the protection of rights and the growth of communities and intercultural dialogue? These are the questions Elisabetta Lippolis, vice-president of IBBY Italy and coordinator of the Organising Committee of the 39th International Congress, answered in dialogue with journalist Emily Menguzzato on Saturday 18 November 2023 in Trieste as part of the 20th edition of the Marco Luchetta International Journalism Award, the only award for reporters specifically dedicated to children’s rights, a precious opportunity to turn the spotlight on the most dramatic realities, lifting the veil of indifference to the tragedies that take place in the world in respect of ethnic and political diversity and peaceful coexistence, and to raise awareness of the protection of children and girls victims of all forms of violence. A mission that unites the Luchetta Prize with IBBY and the dream of Jella Lepman, who had identified in books possible bridges for understanding and understanding between peoples and in journalists some of the potential actors of change, not only to amplify the programme of the organisation and specifically of the Congress, but also and first and foremost to promote awareness and sensitivity on these issues. It is no coincidence that both events take place in Trieste, a border city where the effort and beauty of dialogue and encounter with the other, with the foreigner, with those on the other side, are practised on a daily basis.